Enjoy CS2 with the right CFG

Are you facing problems in having a perfect gaming experience in CS2?  If yes, then it is crucial that you should if your PC is clean. You need to remove the junk or unnecessary files that can create clutter on your computer. If you are getting upgrade PC notifications, then you need to upgrade it. If there aren’t any problems, then you need to focus on a few other things.

Using the Benchmark map

You need to open CS2 and then go to workshop maps in the dropdown menu if you want to get right cfg. You can select a visiting workshop and then look for the FPS benchmark. You need to subscribe to use the map given with it. You can easily overwrite CS2 boost with the help of this tool and it can help you to enjoy the game more. You can also clear background applications from your computer to enjoy smooth gaming. Always check if there are unnecessary tasks running background because those can change the overall gaming experience of yours.

Settings for crappy computer

When you have an old and slow computer, then your gaming experience can get ruined but one can improve it without any difficulty. You just need to go to game launching options. If you want to get the right cfg, then you need to boost FPS by using the –lv option. This is a great way to enjoy smooth gaming with less violence. The rag dolls will be disabled and in the console option, you can play the games in console mode. If you want to set your game into high priority, then you need to choose –high option for the game. Other than that, you should close the useless programs from the task manager and clean your computer. You can also choose low resolution to get better results. The chances are that you can get better at the game easily with these simple tips.